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Dear Éconofitness Member,

Given the current situation in Québec as well as everywhere else in the world, we understand that you may be undergoing a period of stress and financial insecurity.

👉Do not worry, your Éconofitness membership will be extended for a period of time equivalent to the time the gym remains closed. No action is required. This extension will simply be added onto your current membership at no additional cost to you. By keeping your membership active, you keep great advantages such as the online training offered to our members, exclusive discounts from our partners or your frozen rate (if you chose this option).

The members who continue their payments support us in maintaining minimum operations that will ensure the future reopening of our gyms. To thank you, we will add 1 month free to your membership, in addition to adding the number of weeks equivalent to the duration of the gym closure.

👉If this solution doesn’t work for you and you want your payments to be stoped during the time where the gym is closed, please fill out the form. The automatic payments will be pushed back and begin again when the gym is open.