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👉 Éconofitness loves to publish inspiring stories from members who have taken charge of their physical and mental health and have experienced success 💛!


👉 If you would like to share your story and tell us about your journey, please fill in this short questionnaire and send us clear, high-quality, unedited photos 📷 of yourself (the types of photos to send, depending on the type of transformation, are listed at the end of this questionnaire).


By completing and submitting the form, you accept that your story will be published on the Éconofitness blog, shared on social networks and broadcast on televisions inside Éconofitness gyms.

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📷Types of photos to send depending on the type of transformation 📷


📷 Physical transformation (see examples HERE and HERE)


- A photo of you, from head to toe, before the transformation

- A photo of you (from head to toe and with a smile) after the transformation

- Any other relevant photo you want to share



📷 Psychological transformation

- Photo of you at the gym

- Any other relevant photo that reflects your background and your state of being


📷 Physical rehabilitation (see example (in french)

- Some relevant photos before, during and after your journey


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